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I used to think that evangelization was the transmission of the Gospel, but recent events have taught me that it is the Gospel’s transmission. Confused? Sit back for a moment. I am

It has been a tough Advent. No particular reason, just the normal accumulation of life’s minor annoyances and difficulties. I am beginning to think that either Currier or Ives was on drugs.

The third week of Advent, the week of the rose candle and Gaudete Sunday, is a good thermometer of how your Advent is going. It is often a week of office Christmas

John the Baptist has made his appearance on the Advent scene with his booming command to “repent.” What does it mean to repent? It is central to this penitiential season of Advent.

Mary is a paragon of beauty, and there’s something beautiful about mom getting ugly. And here I don’t mean just growing old, since there is beauty in that as well. The famous Irish