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 Christopher Hitchens in the new Vanity Fair. An infant and a corpse. They are the most common images of Christ ― the baby in the manger or his mother’s arms, the dead

Legatus magazine and the National Catholic Register have both covered the Gregorian Institute. The coverage: 1. Explains why the Institute is named after St. Gregory the Great: “He lived out this charism

Orestes Brownson (1803–1876), New England public-spirited intellectual. “Catholics are better fitted by their religion to comprehend the real character of the American constitution than any other class of Americans.” John Courtney Murray

 Gen. MacFarland heads to the auditorium after an extended session with Gregorian Fellows Oct. 4. Remarks by Gen. Sean B. MacFarland. In 2006, Col. Sean B. MacFarland implemented a new U.S. military