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In an article called “Holy American Heroes: Midwest Hall of Fame Holds up Catholic Greats,” the Knights of Columbus’ Fathers for Good cover the Gregorian Institute’s Catholic Hall of Fame. “Something fresh

Are the body and blood of Christ literally present in the Eucharist? Are the elements of the Lord’s Supper purely symbolic? And what on earth do these questions have to do with

America, we won’t go away. Many people wish we would, and heaven knows we would rather be doing almost anything else. But we can’t go away, and we won’t. I’m sure you’ve

Today is the day the March for Life starts — if you’re from Kansas. My family has participated in the March for Life in Washington, D.C., almost every year for the past

To celebrate and promote Catholic identity in public life, we have created the Catholic Hall of Fame, gathering votes for American Catholics who have achieved greatness. Explore the Catholic Hall of Fame

Suing Obama over contraceptives isn’t just for Catholics any more. Benedictine College’s student newspaper editor Abigail Wilson reports in Fox’s “College fix” that Colorado Christian University has joined the fray. She interviewed