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Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Sí zeros in on a fundamental problem with American culture that we would rather not focus on: The dark triumph of technology in almost every aspect of our

Snark is the vernacular of our age. Maybe this is because we learn how to converse through movies and sitcoms, where a constant tension is necessary to keep our attention. Maybe it

Tony Brandt, a 2000 graduate of Benedictine College, is the co-founder of Casting Nets, a non-profit lay apostolate that offers training in evangelization and catechesis. Brandt was at Benedictine College for the

(credit: Angela Flickr) “Everything that was happening when Rome fell is happening again now,” my 12-year-old informed me. “My teacher had a whole list.” I think my son’s Kolbe Academy teacher is

What should a Christian do when the world is sinking into chaos? Disturbing violence fills the international headlines: ISIL is beheading journalists, crucifying Christians and exterminating Yazidis. Mexican drug cartels run rampant,